Nvidia's "Something is Coming" Will Arrive This Weekend

Nvidia's Facebook page is teasing something that's coming. It's a pure tease, as it only shows the image above with text repeated in a status update post that simply reiterates, "It's Coming."

UPDATE: Nvidia's told us that it will be holding a special live web stream from its GeForce LAN 2012 in Shanghai this weekend. Part of the live stream will include a special announcement, so you won't want to miss it. Keep an eye on Nvidia's countdown page here, which will finish its countdown at 3:30 a.m. GMT.

Anyone care to guess what it might be?

Read more from @MarcusYam on Twitter.

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  • chimera201
    hmm... GTX 690?
  • HEXiT
    nah more likely the 780 as its ready now. there was a rumor that the 680 was gonna get skipped in favor of jumping straight to the 7 series but they held it back when they got wind of the ati 7xxx cards and released they didnt have to release such a powerful card instead they could release a weaker 1 and charge more for it... but thats just a rumor and we know we cant put any credence in them can we...
  • Alatheia00
    Who cares no availability anyway lol, epic fail...

    "Hey our midrange card beats AMD top card lol, lets call it a GTX 680", hang on
    whats happens when we sell out of the 10 stock samples".

    Before anyone starts going on about problems with die manufacturing process, AMD
    are using the same size and can still cut prices.