Nvidia's Graphics Cards Are Ready for Battlefield V

Credit: Electronic ArtsCredit: Electronic Arts

AMD isn't the only company preparing its graphics cards for upcoming title this week. Nvidia has also released new GeForce Game Ready 416.81 WHQL drivers to improve support for Battlefield V, which is available now to Origin Access Premier subscribers and publicly debuts on November 15.

Nvidia's release doesn't support as many titles as AMD's--the red team's driver update also offered improved performance for Hitman 2 and Fallout 76--but that could be because Battlefield V on its own is far more important to the green team. Ray tracing support is a primary selling point for the company's Turing-based RTX graphics cards, and Battlefield V has been set up as the feature's poster child in the last few months.

Battlefield V was originally supposed to come out closer to the launch of Nvidia's RTX graphics cards, which, thanks to the staggered release between the various models, could've been anywhere between September and October. But then Electronic Arts and DICE pushed back the release from October 20 to mid-November so they could respond to player feedback and improve performance before the game's official debut.

Now the game is finally here--or at least starting its staggered rollout. It's available now to Origin Access Premier subscribers, debuts on November 15 to people who bought the Deluxe Edition and will finally become available to everyone else on November 20.

The new GeForce Game Ready 416.81 WHQL driver is available now via Nvidia's website and GeForce Experience. You can find full release notes on Nvidia's website. The company also highlighted Hunt: Showdown's support for Nvidia Highlights, which automatically captures exciting moments from your gameplay, in a separate article. We expect a new driver to improve support for Hitman 2, Fallout 76 and other titles soon.

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  • kiniku
    While I always have liked Nvidia being driver proactive, I get tired of being hounded to update my GPU drivers everytime a new game is launched, that I don't own.
  • cewhidx
    Nvidia would be remiss if they didn't offer optimised drivers for new games for those that do own them. A little exclamation point in your systray is hardly hounding.
  • drivinfast247
    Will this game feature ray tracing?

    I'll answer my own question. It seems they will add ray tracing in a patch around the time of official game release.