Nvidia's New Driver Program Targets Creatives

Credit: ShutterstockCredit: ShutterstockPeople are used to Nvidia releasing driver updates that improve support for the latest in gaming via the Game Ready Driver program. Yesterday the company announced a similar program for creative tools called, fittingly enough, the Creator Ready Driver program.

"To achieve the highest level of reliability," Nvidia said in its announcement, "Creator Ready Drivers undergo extensive testing against multiple revisions of the top creative applications." That should improve performance in old and new versions of those apps.

The company isn't testing these apps in a vacuum. (Mostly because they can't run PhotoShop.) Nvidia said it will "conduct exhaustive multi-app testing for each type of creative workflow, evaluating driver quality in the same manner that creators work day-to-day."

Nvidia offered an example of such a workflow: using Adobe Premiere Pro CC to cut a video, sending it to After Effects CC for post-production and then kicking it back to Premiere Pro for rendering. Creator Ready Drivers focus on that process, as well as its parts.

The company was careful to note that its Creator Ready Drivers are supplementing its Game Ready Drivers, not replacing them. It said:

"Both Game Ready Drivers and Creator Ready Drivers will include the full Nvidia feature set and application support for games and creative apps, so users can continue to use either driver they prefer. But creators now have an option to receive designated driver releases with more in-depth testing to meet the stringent demands of their work."

Nvidia has released the first Creator Ready Driver; it's available via its website and the GeForce Experience app.(find it by opening the menu in the top-right corner of the window). Future releases will be "timed to key creative application updates."

Creator Ready Drivers will include support for Turing-based GeForce RTX, GTX and Titan GPUs; the Volta-based TITAN V, Pascal-based GeForce GTX and Titan GPUs and "all modern Quadro GPUs." Nvidia said they are optimized "for all the top creative applications."