SPIED: Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 Fermi Board Shot

With CeBit underway in Germany, Nvidia is quietly showing off its GF100-based silicon ahead of its March 26 official unveil.

Earlier this week, we already caught a glimpse of the GeForce GTX 470 with its cutout vents that will work together with the cooler. Now Dutch site Tweakers.net (translated) has a few pictures of the GeForce GTX 480, which shows the GPU without a cooler in the way.

Tweakers.net notes that the package is stamped with an A2 revision, meaning that it may not be final silicon since an A3 is known to exist as well. The site notes that there are 12 chips of 128MB each, making up 1.5GB of RAM. There are also two SLI connectors for the possibility of three-way SLI.

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