Nvidia's GeForce Page Counts Down To Potential GTX 1080 Ti Reveal At GDC

Expect some big news from Nvidia next week at GDC: The company’s GeForce site now features a countdown timer that ends on February 28, and the teaser is a little bit less than subtle.

Along with the countdown, the page calls the announcement “Ultimate GeForce” and states that “IT’S ALMOST TIME.” However, the letters "T" and "I" in "TIME" are in bold, giving the impression that the company will unveil the long-rumored GTX 1080 Ti. However, the company might have more to reveal than just the new card. Nvidia’s nighttime event, which starts at 6:30 pm PST, also happens to take place on the same day AMD's hosting its Capsaicin livestream, which starts at 10:30 am PST. With AMD’s Vega GPU launch scheduled for Q2 later this year, we’re bound to hear more about it at the show.

Then again, we could be wrong about Nvidia's teaser. The bold TI might not mean a new GPU at all. It could be telling us that Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang won’t headline the event, but rather rapper extraordinaire T.I. will host the evening festivities. We'll find out when the event starts next week.

Until then, place your bets on what both companies will have to show at the annual conference.

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  • tamalero
    I wonder if the announcement of Ryzen scared them. I wonder if they are wary of the performance projected for VEGA.
  • ohim
    It has nothing to do with Ryzen ... Tamalero ... they are anticipating VEGA and why not steal some more market share till then.
  • Jeff Fx
    We've expected a Ti for a while now. I talked myself out of getting a Titan X, but would like to swap in a 1080Ti to replace the GTX 1080 in my VR PC. I expect they'll sell pretty well to VR users looking for the best possible image.

    Yes I know a GTX 1080 + a 1080Ti will cost as much as the Titan X, but I can use that GTX in a flat-screen gaming machine.