NV7m nForce Motherboard from ABIT

If you're looking for an easy solution to building a computer, it seems like nForce boards are the new way to go, since they include functionality that you'd normally get via add-in cards. ABIT just added another nForce board into the mix with its new NV7m compact mATX form factor motherboard for AMD Athlon XP processors. At the heart of the board is nVidia's nForce chipset featuring the Crush 12 northbridge. With it, the NV7m includes an integrated 128-bit memory controller and support for up to 1GB of unbuffered DDR SDRAM. It also features dual independent 64-bit memory controllers that are said to deliver a maximum memory bandwidth of 4.2GB/sec. The NV7m also supports 2 Channels of Bus Master Ports supporting Ultra DMA 33/66/100. The NV7m features a 256-bit nVidia Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) with a second-generation Transform & Lighting Engine, an MCP-D Audio Processing Unit (APU) that provides 256-voice sound output, and support for AC3 encoding and S/PDIF Out. The on-board USB header provides up to two extra USB channels, and onboard 10/100 LAN capability supports ACPI and Wake on LAN. Hardware monitoring reports fan speeds, voltages, and system environment temperatures. The NV7m also features 1 AGP slot and 3 PCI slots.

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