More Content Comes To 'No Man's Sky' With Path Finder Update

Back in November, Hello Games introduced the batch of post-release content for No Man’s Sky in the Foundation Update. Now, the studio just released a new version (1.2) called the "Path Finder" update. This includes new planetary and space vehicles, additional visual features, the ability to see the bases of other players online, and many more additions.

For those on PC, the visual upgrades include support for “high and ultra resolution textures” and even high dynamic range mode. Hello Games also added high contrast lighting effects, multiple filters for the improve post-processing feature, accurate ambient lighting, and horizon-based ambient occlusion. Visual upgrades weren’t just limited to PC, as those on PlayStation 4 Pro will finally be able to play the game in 4K resolution.

No Man's Sky - The Path Finder Update

The most notable additions around content are the vehicles. There are three planetary vehicles, or "Exocrafts," that you can build. For scouting, you can use the small yet quick Nomad, whereas the large Colossus can be used for mining expeditions. If you just want to explore the area around you, there’s the Roamer, which is best suited for rugged terrain.

There are also new classifications and classes for spacecraft. Fighters are used for combat, whereas Haulers specialize in carrying cargo. Explorer vehicles have better warp abilities, or you can use a Shuttle for your average, everyday trip. All spacecraft also have a class designation. C-class spacecraft are easily found throughout the galaxy, and you’ll spend a significant amount of time hunting for the rare S-class ship.

Similar to spacecraft, your multi-tool can undergo different class ratings and specializations. Pistols are better for mining, Rifles are used for combat, and Experimental weapons are best suited for scanning. There’s also the rare Alien multi-tool, although it’s unclear as to what you can do with it.

Other content from the update includes a Permadeath Mode for those seeking a tougher challenge than survival. There are also some new weapon modes for your multi-tool and ships, new traders as well as a new currency called Nanite Clusters, and additional components for building your base.

Speaking of bases, the game works with Steam Workshop, where you can upload your custom base. From there, others can take a look at your work and download it onto their game. It’s not the same as randomly encountering other players and their work (mainly because you have to download their content from the Steam Workshop), but it’s a step in the right direction.

The amount of content across these past two updates is plentiful, which bodes well for Hello Games after its controversial launch. Players have more to do than ever before, but it will take some time for former fans to regain trust in the development team. Then again, the addition of content is better late than never. You can check up on the full details of the update on the game's website.

NameNo Man's Sky
TypeSci-Fi, Exploration, Action/Adventure, Shooter
DeveloperHello Games
PublisherHello Games
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4
Where To Buy
Release DateAugust 9, 2016
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  • aztec_scribe
    Seriously tempted to buy it now as this update looks good and it is currently on sale (surprise surprise!) on Steam. But I think I'll wait for one more update before taking the plunge. Partially as I have loads of games to finish and also because I will likely only ever play it once and I want it to be as close to the original promise as possible when I do.