Intel's Atom to Power the Nissan Cars of the Future

At the New York International Auto Show, Intel announced a new partnership with Nissan. This partnership was created to integrate Intel’s low power Atom into Nissan cars.

Before we jump to conclusions, you will still have to be awake and sober while driving. Intel says this technology is used to “deliver information and entertainment to drivers and passengers simultaneously in a safe manner and opens the door to more enjoyable driving experiences”. Intel also states the processor will power twin displays that will keep the passenger “informed, entertained and productive while maintaining optimum safety”.

The displays will most likely inform you with traffic updates, maps and other road driving information. Another feature integrated into upcoming Nissan vehicles will be the connection to the cloud and perhaps communication throughout all Nissan vehicles.

“Smart hospitality” is also something Intel plans to bring to Nissan vehicles.  This idea may be seen through smart temperature control or a myriad of other “smart” features.

We saw something like this earlier this year at CES. Check out Intel's vision of the smart car here.

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