Google Nexus 8 Android Tablet May Launch in April 2014

Unnamed Taiwan-based supply chain makers report that Google is working on an 8-inch tablet set to be released at the end of April. Google is expected to ship two million units initially.

According to the report, this will be the company's third-generation Nexus tablet, meaning Google may have no plans to release a 7-inch model this year. This new model will follow the 2nd generation Nexus 7 debuting in July 2013 and the 1st generation model in June 2012.

The move to 8 inches likely stems from the second generation Nexus 7, as despite the improved hardware and positive reviews, the sales weren't exactly what Google hoped for, sources claim. They also said that the cumulative sales of the second generation Nexus 7 were less than 3 million units as of the end of 2013.

That said, with the market now saturated with 7-inch solutions, the price competition is intense. What better way to get out of the race than to sport a bigger screen and let the competitors have at it? Sources claim that Google doesn't want to compete with the 5-inch and 6-inch smartphones market either.

So far, the 8-inch tablet market inhabited by Apple's iPad Mini, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, the Asus MeMO Pad 8 and several more. The sources believe that Asus will likely produce the 8-inch Nexus tablet for Google just like it did with the two Nexus 7s. Other sources have named LG as the 8-inch tablet supplier.

Last week, Focus Taiwan reported that the local media said that HTC is making a return to the tablet market by producing a Nexus unit for Google. According to the report, HTC won orders for a high-end Nexus tablet line that will begin to ship in the third quarter. HTC's tablet experience includes the HTC Flyer (2011) and the Jetstream (2011).

HTC manufactured Google's first Nexus phone back in 2010.

Does this mean HTC could be working on the Nexus 10’s successor? Who knows at this point. A prototype was passed around at CES last year, and then sources indicated that the device would finally show up in time for the holidays. Of course that didn't happen, and now there's some doubt that Google will even return to the 10-inch market, that perhaps Google believes the 8-inch form factor is the sweet spot.

We'll see how that goes when the tablet hits retail shelves.

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  • grebgonebad
    A Nexus 8? Interesting. I am currently the prowd owner of the Nexus 7 (2013) which I find invaluble in my day to day activities, from casual gaming and internet browsing, to banking and finance management, and even using useful apps such as Xbox One Smart Glass and Roccat Power Grid. And all this in a device small and sleek enough to slip into my pocket. If Google pull it off again and bring out a tablet with top end specs for a small price in a sleek package, I will be VERY inclined to get one. =)
  • InvalidError
    The N7v2's sales may have been better if so many people had not had so many nagging hardware problems and so many crash issues with 4.3/4.4.I have owned and returned three N7v2s over a span of about 10 weeks and all three had similar issues, albeit to different severity. The first one had episodes of chronic ghost touches that made it unusable at times, the third one would freeze several times per hour (stops responding for several seconds) and crash/reboot many times per day, all three had loose USB port (the slightest device or cable movement while connected to a PC for file transfer would cause the device to disconnect even with the stock cable), GPS that takes forever to lock even while outdoors, WiFi that dropped out several times per day on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, etc. Many of these issues had 400+ posts long threads on Google's N7 forum and the main one about "Random freeze and restart" got locked at 1000 posts.

    Since I got three out of three duds from three different locations many weeks apart, I am a little surprised Google/Asus did not get more bad press for it. Me and the hundred or so others on Google's forum who have gone through 3+ devices hoping to get a good one must have exceptionally bad luck.
  • joebob2000
    An HTC tablet? Hope to hell it doesn't have a trackball on it...