The Nexus 7 Review: Google's First Tablet Gets Benchmarked

Battery Life And Recharge Time

Battery Life & Recharge Benchmarks (Background Info)

Now, this is why I love the Nexus 7. I can literally use it for an entire day without recharging. Even with Wi-Fi enabled and the display set at maximum brightness, imposing the highest power consumption, the Nexus 7's battery still yields seven and a half hours of use.

When your flight gets stuck on the tarmac for several hours due to "engine trouble," the Nexus 7 could help keep you from going postal (Ed.: Not sure that'll save you from everyone else on the plane, though). Battery life while watching H.264-encoded content on the Nexus 7 approaches a tremendous 10 hours. But be sure you do all of your transcoding at home on your PC to be sure that many hours of video will fit on the tablet's 8 GB repository.

Recharge time is pretty modest, especially when you consider the Nexus 7's battery life. Only three hours are needed to reach a full charge, which is fairly close to what you'd see from a tablet like Amazon's Kindle Fire.

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  • tinnerdxp
    And as usual you don't show ipad 3 on the battery charts - why? Is it so bad that apple prohibited anyone from publishing the real results???
  • shennan19
    The battery life from the ipad 3 was near identical to the ipad 2 in both benchmarks Tom used, so not much to really compare. However the 6 hour 100% charge time (and 5hour 90%) should definitely interest anyone trying to weigh up the ipad 3 vs nexus 7
  • shennan19
    tinnerdxp does make a fair point though, why use the ipad 3 in other tests and exclude it there? Whether it's due to not having test hardware to hand or not, it still makes Toms appear bias towards apple.
  • peternorthampton
    Why does everyone mention the lack of SD card slot on the Nexus 7 but not point out at the same time that the ipad doesn't have an SD card slot???