Dell sells out of XPS? People are using Google to hunt me down?! I wish. Must be the morning roundup...

Well hello stranger (and that’s as close to coming on to you as I’m ever going to get), I hope you’re well today. All kinds of things in the news, so best if we get on with it...

Chip firm AMD is falling over itself to try and flog as many of its Opteron and 64-bit chips before Intel gatecrashes their current party later in the year. With all things "Core" coming from the Intel camp, AMD knows that its lead in the server market in particular will narrow substantially and so they’re on a media and "training" blitz to try and get their channel partners to shift more of their kit before D-Day. OPTERONS ! GET YER CHEAP OPTERONS !

You know, I don’t think I’d actually mind being the night news editor of somewhere or other, so long as they have heating and a percolator. It means you get to break the interesting stories. No, not what’s happening in Taiwan or LA while everyone else sleeps, but things like the Google blog getting hacked. A chap calling himself Trey Philips managed to break the Google blog, and then posted a message telling them he had done so. Google promptly pulled the blog, but not before many eyes managed to catch a glimpse of his handy work. Look on the bright side Google, he didn’t turn your logo into a giant... no, can’t say that, can I ?

Ever heard of an "Image Constraint Token" ? Well, it’s a system that was to be included on almost all major HD DVD and Blu-ray discs which instructs the high-def signal to be toned down to a lower image quality if the TV set is detected to be unsecured - lacking HDMI, for example. This is another case of anti-piracy methods kicking the user in the arse, though this time most of the major players have thought the better of it and are thankfully dropping ICT en masse. Universal is the latest, following Sony, Paramount, Disney and Twentieth Century Fox. The reason ? Because many of the early-adopters to HD-TV’s bought them before HDCP requirements were set in place and would suffer from ICT. Surely we’re not seeing common sense prevail ?

Meanwhile in Israel (home to the People’s Front of Judea, the Popular Front of Judea and spits the Judean People’s Front) a couple who programmed spyware-on-demand have been jailed for a collective six years for their nefarious deeds. Apparently they coded spyware and Trojan horses for three private investigation firms in Israel, and the spyware was then used to steal confidential documents. I want them fighting wabid animals wiffin the week !

Apparently a lot of employers are Googleing (or perhaps just using any old search engine, but Google sounds best... and how do you spell that, with or without the E ? Damn pretend words) potential employees. Cue shock and horror stories about people who posed naked or were caught out via their MySpace accounts [Posing naked, surely ? -Ed] and dropped from the hiring process. Unfair ? Hrm, possibly... of course stains on your character could bring the company into disrepute, but on the other hand what we do online surely should affect our employability ? I can see a long running gun battle approaching about the soul of the internet... although for best policy, don’t blog disparagingly about your co-workers. Ha, Google me and all you get are nonsensical articles by som... ohh, right

At a stock price of $9,930 who’d have thought that Dell would become the most s**t hot gaming rig maker in the world ? Surely not Alienware, who were probably too busy signing their new contracts of employment with Dell around the time that the massively over-the-top XPS 600 Renegade came to market. No less than four SLI GeForce 7800’s were shoved into the painted case, on top of an overclocked 4.26 GHz Pentium 965 EE, among many other bells and whistles. And now apparently it has sold out. Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No, it’s just a PR stunt, honest

And finally I leave you with news that World of Warcraft is destroying the world. Had to happen eventually, ohh well, so long and thanks for all the cheese. Hmm, we all appear to still be here so I’d better continue to the end of this story. Yes, apparently the massively massive online massively massive game about being a troll and stuff and (apparently) ruining the world for everyone else, as nobody is just finishing the damn game and then going out to buy other games. Ohh no, they’re all just continuing to level up again and again and again and again and again and again and [Snip ! -Ed] So, this is causing problems apparently. Don’t worry, by my reckoning they’ll all just be medically forced to give it up eventually

Right well, today we have a review of Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z60m (Whaddya mean, IBM ThinkPad ? Nope, Lenovo owns that ship now), the second part in our ongoing Internet Security saga, some confessions from a serial HTPC builder (if you think the WoW kiddies are doing damage...) and coming up the PlayStation 3 keynote from the Game Developers Conference. It’s a bumper day...

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