Windows Fiji delayed?! Man shoots self in foot?!! Must be the morning roundup...

Good morning readers, and welcome to another edition of "Ohh no, it’s him again." I trust all is well on your end ?

First up this morning we have the news that while we’re not exactly sure what the hell Windows Fiji is, nor Windows Vienna, we do know that they’ve probably been delayed in the knock on effects of Vista’s hold-ups. Microsoft is looking to knock off new version of Windows Desktop and Windows Server every two years, which would put Fiji in at 2008. However given the modular nature of Windows development some are figuring that Microsoft will have trouble to keep everything else on schedule now that Vista is being held up in the pipes. A few months can make all the difference for a Windows OS. Typically, and probably fearing that they may actually have to answer questions, Microsoft has gone quiet on the whole subject

Ya know, I’d hate to have to set up a business in China. True, it’s a massive and exploding IT market ; but everyone who has gone over there, from Microsoft to Google, has been burned in one way or another. This time it is the turn of BlackBerry which, having spent months and months trying to convince the Chinese government to let them in, is now facing RedBerry from the state telecoms body. Yep, they’re not even bothering to name it something else and pretend they invented the idea all on their own. "The RedBerry name extends the vivid name of BlackBerry that people are already familiar with, and it also combines the new red symbol of China Unicom," says a press release. These communists make for good capitalists...

Security, security, security security. It seems to be on everyone’s minds these days, and latest up offering remote encryption/wiping of hard drives on stolen machines is Everdream. The "Theft Recovery Managed Service" aims to allow organisations to maintain control over their sensitive data if it has been stolen or gone missing. They can, depending on their chosen settings, either delete or encrypt the data. The catch ? If the HDD gets wiped so does their software. So, if I were really serious about it, I’d wipe the HDD first thing and then recover the data later on. MSN Messenger is the worlds most popular IM client, with 61 percent of the worldwide market in February, according to comScore. There are also more people using IM generally in Europe than the United States (82 million vs 69 million, or 49 percent of the online population to 37). MSN Messenger has near total dominance in Latin America specifically, holding 90 percent of the market. There are also some up-and-coming IM clients, with Skype holding 14 percent of the market worldwide. You just gotta love statistics as much as I do

The Carphone Warehouse was in a bit of a jam concerning their "free" broadband service in the UK : It either faced looking a little bit shifty, or else a little bit stupid. In the small print concerning their new service, they say the service subject to a "40 gigabit monthly download limit". Of course 40 gigabit isn’t the same as 40 gigabytes - it’s more 5 gigabytes. When asked about this a Carphone representative went "Whoops ! Meant to say 40 gigabytes..." It would seem that someone over there doesn’t know their bytes from their bits. Though I don’t expect the general population to either, but they are setting up a broadband service, so they might wanna figure it out

More numbers, I should be falling over myself. This time it’s Google, and their $10 billion war chest. What might they be up to, ask the analysts. Who puts $10 billion in the bank and forgets about it ? Speculation as to what Google is up to with its massive war chest is rife, and ranges from buying up more small companies and interesting products (for Google doesn’t do major acquisitions) to buying out market leaders, as eBay tends to do, when it can’t break a particular area. Or, speculates one in a quite reasonable line of thought that gives me yet another number to salivate over [Sad little man -Ed], they might use the money to fund the expensive expansion that’s required to match up to Microsoft’s 61,000 workers worldwide. Google may be more of a ten pound Guerrilla these days than anything else, but Microsoft is still more like a twenty ton tank

And finally, a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent in the US is suing his former employees for allegedly crippling his career after a video was released onto the internet of him accidentally shooting himself in the foot whilst giving a demonstration to some Florida schoolchildren. Lee Paige, who says he was "once regarded as one of the best undercover agents, if not the best, in the DEA," now claims that his career has been completely destroyed after the video was released. It did shoot his career in the foot a bit alright [You’re fired -Ed]

I’m going to go and sit in the corner to make up for that cheap, cheap shot. Aha, there I go again. Ohh me. Etc. Today we have more updates to the live memory stress test. I’m taking bets on when and what way the office will blow up.

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