BT holding up the broadband show?! Hacking sex commandos?!! Must be the morning roundup...

Good morning, I hope you’re well. As I write this I’m on continuous hold with some of that crappy music and once every 5 - 10 seconds I get a pleasant variation of "We’re sorry to keep you on hold." Knowing my luck when I get to the line at the end it’ll be half way around the world and dodgy at best. Let’s get on with the news so...

First up this morning and BT is continuing to hold up the whole broadband parade in the UK with its failure to deliver on great promises for LLU. The Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator (OTA) has slammed Britain’s largest fixed-line telco for delays, despite lofty promises to the contrary, which are holding up ISPs who are trying to invest in local loop unbundling. Without BT being onside they’re screwed to the hilt and consumers aren’t getting the choice they should. The delays aren’t doing BT any harm, be they unintentional or otherwise, and are costing the rest of the industry millions. Time is money... and so on

The rollout of the .eu domain sparked great fanfare, with over a million domains being snatched up in the first 12 hours of "land rush" on Friday. However the CEO of GoDaddy has some scathing words for the chaps responsible for managing the rollout, EURid. He claims that the carefully crafted system, by which one could register one domain and then get back in line to do another one, was made a mockery of with hundreds of fake registrars set up by the same people. The million domains were snatched up by only 1,100 registrars, and he reckons that about 600 of those were "phantoms". The potential for long-running domain-squatters and hefty settlements later on might make a farce of the .eu domain, or simply keep big-names away from it. Lucrative generic domains such as and were also picked up fairly quickly. Most British political parties didn’t bother, however

Intel’s Itanium platform is dying a slow death, and perhaps it might be heading towards Japan. The speculation and rumour running around is that the doomed platform, nicknamed Itanic (stick a T on the front if you don’t get it... believe me, I’ve met people who don’t...), might do well in a highly specialised market such as Japan where niche processor efforts continue unabated. Also, it might suit Intel to offload the processor to somewhere far, far away from the watchful gaze of cynical English-language journalists. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. Of course the rumours flying around are just that, but most big stories start off like that and at least it sounds kinda like it could happen. Maybe, perhaps

Ha ! Apple Mac, dontcha hack. Never thought I’d see the day, but Apple users on Boot Camp are apparently now crashing left and right. The service may not be quite so bullet proof bug free as is usual on the Mac, and many users are reporting that once they boot into Windows XP on their trusty pieces of fruit, they can’t then boot back into OS X. The irony of it all. Not that I’m one to laugh at other peoples misfortunes, of course...

The moment I saw a story about hacking "sex commandos" I knew I was on to something. When it turned out that they were "ultra-orthodox (Jewish) sex commandos" I had to crack a smile. These boys (and possibly girls, who knows...) have chutzpah, that’s for sure, running around the internet and bringing down porn sites. They present users with a picture of the Lubavich [Ohh dear me, Microsoft Word spell checker suggests "lunatic" as a replacement for that... bad, BAD paperclip -Ed] Rabbi and the message "We, the religious-net group, hacked into this site and erased all obscenities. The other sites we plan on bringing down are listed below." The pretty gruesome case of the "Xbox murders" is beginning in Florida this week. Six people, who ranged in age from 17 to 34, were beaten to death, allegedly over a dispute involving an Xbox. One of the alleged, Robert Cannon (20), has already placed a guilty plea for the murders in front of the court, and he will face life imprisonment rather than the possibility of execution for his testimony. The other three defendants are alleged to have worked with Cannon to retrieve the Xbox, beating to death the occupants of the house it was in with aluminium bats. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty on the remaining three defendants if they are found guilty

And finally, never let a company view the results of testing their products until you publish the results. Joel Snyder was testing a mail security program from CipherTrust, their IronMail system, and after they rolled out a test it mysteriously turned itself off. Why ? Apparently someone at CipherTrust was monitoring the results and when they weren’t getting the effectiveness they had expected someone panicked and ordered the shutdown. They then got the runaround, spoke to several people and had to kick in several doors to get the test back on the road. Welcome to our world

Coming up today we have the long-awaited (well, one day) live memory stress test and a multiplayer melee from myself and Mr Wright. You’ll enjoy that (or else I’ll cry and make a scene), and if you’re lucky we might even throw more stuff at you, including a VoIP FAQ. Enjoy...

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