Microsoft getting into the P2P business?! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?!! Must be the morning roundup...

Good morning readers. If you happen to have been navigating to and found yourself dragged here unsuspectingly, erm, sorry about that, but it’s for the best. If you didn’t even know Tom’s Hardware Guide UK & Ireland existed, browse over yonder, and all shall be explained. If you’re really desperate to get back to the green fields of dollar you can edit the cookies our nefarious webmaster has placed on your machine. How, not even I quite know yet...

We may begin this morning with browser news, so. According to web analytics firm Net Applications, Mozilla Firefox has passed the 10 percent market share post. Again. Or perhaps for the first time. Given the voodoo nature of figuring these things out, we can’t be quite sure, but NA has Firefox down as having 10.05 percent usage in March, up from 9.75 percent in February. While the net analyitic firms can’t all agree on exact usage figures, they are agreeing that Firefox is continuing to gain ground, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer lose it, down to "only" 84.7 percent of the market. Slowly but surely goes the mantra, but I’d expect to see a different tune come IE7 - at the very least pickup in alternative browsers will slow. So it will be

BlackBerry meanwhile continues its march onwards, free of litigation. They’re teaming up with Yahoo ! to bring their messenger and mail products to BlackBerry users. At the moment the network availability is a bit muted, with only one carrier in the US doing the mail, but with plenty more promised in the near future. Now that BlackBerry is out of the courts we can probably expect plenty more deals like this to get fired out of the pipe. More of a paper cup and string man myself

If I say "BitVault", will you say "OMG, movies !" ? Don’t answer that question, may get us both into trouble. And anyways, you’d be wrong. BitVault comes from Microsoft and aims to offer the Peer 2 Peer capacity needed in order to be able to backup and move about huge (think petabytes) amounts of data, such as compliance and reference data. The company aims to have the product out the door in about two years, so it’s not here yet, but with MS and big business getting into P2P you have a legitimate art form, if not that many legitimate users. That swipe was pretty obligatory, don’t you think ?

What is it with The Inquirer ? You can’t send that lot anywhere without them at the very least being suspiciously near-to where the fire starts. Apparently at Linuxworld they just so happened to be nearby when the Unisys booth caught fire. Or at the very least, tried to catch fire. PR types probably weren’t happy to see it happen, as I’m sure it might reflect poorly on their marketing efforts. "And here we have a server going so fast, it’s actually smoking. No, no, it’s perfectly safe. Does that all the time. Ohh look, the booth next door has caught fire. Better run now." And so on. It was a tough decision, between going after Le INQ or Linuxworld itself

It seems that there is an increasing trend towards designer, made-to-order malware these days. Not too long ago I recall a couple in Israel going to jail for creating Trojans to Order. After studying some Trojans in the wild (ohh what I’d give for a voice like David Attenborough), researchers found that they’re being made by a group called Briz. Several of the websites being used were taken down by security experts, but not before some 70.6MB of data, including 16,000 pages of documents, was lifted by the Trojans. Cyber crime meets the market economy

Geeks and bloody retro. We get VoIP and what do we do ? Design a USB 1930’s telephone. Still, it has its appeal. Not that I know if it’s 1930’s or not, and I’m sure I’ll get a few letters telling me otherwise, but I’ve always been fascinated at how and why these things well, err, fascinate us. I’d buy one...

And finally, apparently in the US of A they’ve had a once (well, twice) in the history of mankind experience - the date was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. That is to say, 01:02:03 04/05/06. We here in Europe, who flip the month with the day (Read : Do it the right bloody way) can expect this wonderful, once in a galaxy experience on 4 May, at the same time of course. This is also the year in which we’re going to have 06/06/06, if you’re interested. Though that has happened before, and we all still appear to be in one piece. Not that I’d like to pre-empt these things

And that’s that for this morning. Coming up today we have an update to the CPU charts and an article on The Warriors over in the gaming section. Presuming they don’t mess up the office, of course. [Aha. Ha. Ha. Fired -Ed]

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