Nvidia runs out of 7900's?! Mario is a terrorist?!! Must be the morning roundup...

Good Monday morning ! Despite the fact that I believe that young Mr R. Wright (not to be confused with Mr W. Wright, or "God" in some circles) has full control over anything approaching a "Monday Morning Rundown/Roundup", you know that in spirit that’s what this is. Surprisingly for a Monday morning I don’t feel terrible and the world doesn’t appear to be conspiring after me. I’ve even managed to make it to my desk and start typing without the aid of a single caffeinated drink. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong.

First up this morning we have news that Nvidia is either unable or unwilling to provide us with GeForce 7900’s, with many places being out of stock. This being the quietist part of the whole year you’d think they could supply some parts, but what if they’re trying to kill off the GeForce 7800 with kindness ? After they did the same for the 6800 by simply stopping supply of cards late last year, preventing many who might have from upgrading to an SLI solution, Nvidia may be trying to offload its stock of 7800’s before the next big rush when they can put a bountiful supply of 7900’s on the market. I hate it when something stirs in graphicscardland

If you’re a fan of Suse Linux and have a server farm to manage you may be delighted to hear the news that IBM will today announce a new bundle with their servers, server software and Suse Linux Enterprise Server. "Integrated Stack for Linux" they’re calling it. Cue "Back in my day they called it..." reminiscence

The government has pledged £52 million towards giving the UK the fastest super computer on the European block. The High-End Computing Terascale Resource, or Hector as it is known, will be faster than any in Europe. It is believed that through an innovative system of cutting red-tape and preventing committee meeting-logjams from assembling on the processor load we’ll beat the Eurocrats by some good measure, and we’ll probably also get the bloody thing built before the union bosses step in and wag their fingers. Brings a tear of pride to my eye...

We do love our labels in the IT world. I await, in 50 years or so, the day when somebody will flog to me a rare collection of computer stickers from Windows 98 onwards. If it isn’t "Intel Inside" it’s "Designed for..." and so on. Next up in the collection there will be the "Vista Ready" sticker, which will apparently be slapped onto any machine in the coming months which meet the operating systems requirements. They’re higher than the bog standard machines I’m noticing, with 512MB of RAM required rather than the more Granny-Standard 256MB currently usually on offer. I was also speaking to Dell UK’s Latitude Notebook Tzar Bob Bennett on Friday and he wasn’t talking much about their newly launched range and being "Vista Ready" - he was concerned more with future products, which could raise a few eyebrows among people buying machines now with a Vista later. Great, we’re about to go from "Will my machine run Oblivion ?" to "Will my machine run the OS it’s bundled with ?"

The world of "MySpace" has become the world of "OurBloodySpace", with the site administrators culling 200,000 or so "objectionable" accounts in an effort to clean up its image. The spate of "My teenage daughter took lude photographs of herself, posted them on MySpace using the computer in her room and the camera we gave her for Christmas, and then some dirty old man..." [We get the picture -Ed] incidences have forced the MySpace lot to be seen to do something. Be proactive. Kill stuff. Mhm. Given the amount of new accounts created daily I wouldn’t bet on MySpace remaining clean for long, but so long as the administrators do their bit and continue to be vigilant, well the ball passes out of their court to an extent. Oi, administrator, leave those accounts alone... doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it ?

The UK has today got its first ever Number 1 single released exclusively online, with the sales ratcheted up through legal downloads. The Gnarls Barkely single ’Crazy’ reached number one in the charts, yet it doesn’t go on sale in shops until this week. Previously a song like it could only reach the number one slot if it were on sale in shops and online, but since the rule change ’Crazy’ marks the first downloadable song to reach the top spot. Piracy denting whatnow ?

And finally for one small town in Ohio, April Fools day turned into a nightmare terrorist scenario when several little girls spread cardboard replications of the Super Mario power-up cubes around the town, which were then mistaken for bombs. Police may well be seeking to press charges. "The girls found an Internet site called Mario Question Blocks which told you step by step how the game is played, along with instructions on wrapping the packages, just to see what kind of response you get," McCoy said. "This game is evidently being played all over the country." Evidently the 1990’s have yet to happen in Ravenna, Ohio

Be vigilant. You never know when Wario will blow up your local castle. In the meantime watch out for 3DMark 06, which we’ve been testing for some time now with a view to giving you our conclusions. Which we intend to give to you. Today. In a conclusive article. Yes. We also take a good look at what a "true" independent game developer is

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