System Builder Marathon Bonus: Newegg Customer Choice PC

The Honored List: Your Picks, Picked By Tom's

We don’t need to spend much time explaining our component choices because these parts are all picked by Newegg's customers, not our editors. Instead, we'll give you a one-page overview of the parts.

Intel’s Core i5-2500K continues providing tremendous value to performance seekers over a year after we gave it our Recommended Buy award, putting in top position on Newegg’s customer surveys on the day we placed our order.

Read Customer Reviews of Intel's Core i5-2500K

G.Skill’s 8 GB DDR3-1600 CAS 9 kit has shown up on our list of value-oriented heavyweights for over two years, its reputation placing it in second place behind a similar 4 GB kit in Newegg’s customer rankings.

Read Customer Reviews of G.Skill's F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL 8 GB Kit

Second only to Crucial's 64 GB version on Newegg's consumer rankings, the company's 128 GB m4 SSD achieves ample performance in our review of the product to garner yet another award. So far, these choices are looking like a who's who of Tom's Hardware favorites.

Read Customer Reviews of Crucial's 128 GB m4 SSD

The newer 448-core GeForce GTX 560 Ti created so much excitement that many reviewers forgot about the original 384-core version. Newegg customers didn't forget, though, making it the second choice behind a weaker and more budget-friendly GeForce GTS 550 Ti.

As an added bonus, this better-performing card is a lifetime-warranty-equipped “AR” version from EVGA.

Read Customer Reviews of EVGA's 01G-P3-1561-AR GTX 560 Ti

Too much stuff and not enough space? We added 500 GB with Seagate’s ST500DM005, thanks to its top customer ranking at Newegg.

Read Customer Reviews of Seagate's ST500DM005

Newegg’s customer favorite, Cooler Master’s Hyper 212+, has found its way into many of our System Builder Marathon machines following its 2010 review.

Read Customer Reviews of Cooler Master's Hyper 212+

One of our old favorites, Corsair’s HX series is still popular-enough with Newegg customers to earn its 750 W unit the top spot in customer ratings.

Read Customer Reviews of Corsair's CMPSU-750HX

While we normally use parts we’ve reviewed in these guides, Intel’s DZ68BC slipped under our radar. Fortunately for Intel, Newegg’s customers think it’s the best available part, and we're going with those opinions today.

Read Customer Reviews of Intel's DZ68BC Motherboard

Asus’ DRW-24B1ST is 24x-fast, it's cheap, it includes software, and it comes from a company renowned for reliability. Though we’ve never reviewed it, Newegg customers make it their top choice.

Read Customer Reviews of Asus' DRW-24B1ST DVD Writer

Antec’s Nine Hundred has been in our arsenal since 2006, making numerous appearances in System Builder Marathon machines as well. This updated model adds USB 3.0 with the all-important internal cable connector, which helps to explain why it’s still the favorite of Newegg customers.

Read Customer Reviews of Antec's Nine Hundred

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  • Steveymoo
    Honestly, if you're a super (rich) enthusiast wanting to play games at 2560x1600, you're probably more likely to drop money on the best kit. For the majority of enthusiast gamers though, 1080p at Ultra detail settings is absolutely fine. Qudos for trying this out, Nvidia's #60 branded cards in SLI have really struck a chord with the gaming community, they offer sweet performance per dollar, and outclass the top end single GPU solutions in most situations, power inefficiency is a trade-off that most gamers are prepared to make. Looking forward to seeing what Nvidia pull out of the bag for the 660's.
  • HEXiT

    this sux big time... come on guys the uk is missing out on some great chances to win with toms...