Newegg (Briefly!) Offers Affordable GTX 1080 Bundles

With the severe shortage of GPUs, several retailers have been offering bundle deals to help reduce the overall cost of building a new gaming PC. Newegg now joins the fray, with three GTX 1080 bundles.

Newegg’s bundles all consist of an MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC graphics card and MSI X299 motherboards. The least expensive of these incorporates an MSI X299 Tomahawk Arctic motherboard, and sits at $819.98 after a $40 mail-in rebate.

The bundled price is higher than what the GPU and motherboard would have cost separately a few months ago, but now that the least expensive GTX 1080 costs more than $1,000 by itself, it’s an excellent deal. It should also be noted that most GTX 1080s are currently sold out, and this bundle is one of the few ways you can still acquire a GTX 1080.

Building a system with this bundle will require you to purchase an LGA 2066 processor, which are a bit more expensive than their LGA 1151 counterparts, but the amount you save on the bundle more than makes up for this. System builders will likely be amused (or irritated) by the fact that this bundle makes it less expensive to build a GTX 1080 gaming PC with an X299 motherboard and processor than it is to build a GTX 1080 system with an H110 motherboard and a Core i3 CPU.

The bundles are available only today and tomorrow, and will likely sell out quickly. If you want one, it’s best to act fast.

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