New worm kit raises anxieties

An Argentine teenager who calls himself [K] has released Version 2 of his VBS Worm Generator as well as his first bug patch. Version 1 was used to produce, with noteworthy ease, February's Anna Kournikova worm. He says that the worms created by the program will be undetectable by most antiviral programs.

The software is reportedly simple to use and is equipped, according to Wired, with a "remarkably lucid help file." One security expert says the tool signals a new age in worm generation and that we can expect to see new worms spreading fast in the near future. New features include an "anti-deletion" option that causes the worm to recreate itself if deleted and the ability to change the name of a computer's registered owner. The worms use an encryption technique to disguise themselves from anti-viral software.

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