New Survey shows Video Gaming has finally Overtaken PC Gaming

New York, NY - A recent survey shows gaming habits continue to evolve as technology changes the landscape of digital entertainment.

Though electronic gaming arguably first gained national popularity first with devices now refered to as console systems, such as the Atari 2600 and Colecovision, the PC soon became the place to go for the majority of gamers. The PC’s ability to be upgraded and take advantage of the latest advances in technology meant it was likely to have the latest and greatest games that would push the envelope visually. This year, for the first time the majority of gamers are reporting that they now turn to other sources for gaming than the traditional PC.

The annual "Digital Gaming in America" survey, published by Ziff Davis’ Media’s Game Group, found that 54.5 million households played video games and only 52.3 million Americans played PC games.

The study revealed other new trends including gaming’s pull of consumers away from television. Twenty-six percent of those surveyed said their TV viewing had decreased during the last year.

Portable gaming habits, another focus of the survey, showed significant changes from previous years including twenty-seven percent of gamers reporting they were likely to buy a portable gaming system within the next year. This increase is speculated to be the result of Sony’s and Nintendo’s careful promotion of their upcoming handheld systems - the PSP and Nintendo DS.

The recent commitment of major gaming publishers such as THQ to cellphone gaming may prove wise considering that eighteen percent of gamers surveyed have purchased games for their mobile phones, spending an average of $19 dollars on those games in the last sixty days.

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