New Options for iPAQ Pocket PC

Buying additional toys to use as add-ons to other high-tech toys is a given. Buy a new cell phone, and you'll probably buy a new case for it. Buy a new computer and, well, let's not get into that obsession right now. If you've got a Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC, the company just announced some new accessories for you to spend your gadget allowance on, as well as new third-party products for the little gizmos. The new The Rugged Case is a hard plastic case that protects your iPAQ while still letting you use it. Compaq says the case is designed and tested to resist dust and water contamination per the IP54 standard, and can take a fall to concrete from a height of four feet (the case or the iPAQ?). When the cover is closed, the case increases the ability of the iPAQ to withstand a direct impact to the display. When the cover is raised, a replaceable, clear protective membrane remains in place. The Rugged Case also lets you access the DC jack and universal connector via tethered plugs, and accommodates a single-card Expansion Pack and wireless card.

Other new options include the Foldable Keyboard for the iPAQ Pocket PC H3800 Series and two new leather cases. Both cases include a stylus holder, slots for business or credit cards, and an inside pocket for cash or an extra PC card.

Third-party options include the Margi Presenter-to-Go, a PC Card and software package that allows you connect your iPAQ directly to digital projectors or other VGA displays. It also includes an infrared remote control. The Voyager VGA CompactFlash card is also available from Colorgraphic Communications for presentations via projector. The Voyager VGA CompactFlash Type I card allows for VGA, SVGA, Wide VGA and XGA capability, NTSC/PAL TV-Out, portrait or landscape output, and output centering and image enlargement. A PCMCIA Type II adapter is included. The new Symbol SPS 3000 is an expansion pack that provides integrated data capture and real-time wireless communication to iPAQ users. The SPS 3000 gives your iPAQ capabilities that include bar code scanning and wireless connectivity. More stuff to add to your Xmas list.