New dual-band, 11g routers coming from Linksys?

Recent additions to the FCCID database indicate that Linksys may soon be introducing two new wireless routers based on chipsets from Conexant and Marvell.

The dual-band 802.11a/b/g WRT54AG uses the same (or at least very similar) motherboard based on Broadcom’s BCM4702 Wireless Network Processor, as used on its currently-shipping dual-radio WRT55AG[reviewed here].

But where the WRT55AG uses Broadcom-based 11b/g and Atheros-based 11a mini-PCI radios, the new design uses a single 11a/b/g radio based on Conexant’s PRISM Duette chipset.

The WRT54AG is significant in that it would be the first dual-band router from a major manufacturer to not use an Atheros-based 11a radio.

The single-band 802.11b/g WRK54G appears to be entirely Marvell-based with its 11g radio integrated into the motherboard.

The WRK54G could also put Marvell on the map as a provider of 802.11g chipsets, and signal that the tide could be turning for Broadcom, which is currently the market leader for 802.11g chipsets.

It’s also interesting to note that the FCC photos showed both products using the old Linksys-style purple and gray enclosures instead of the newer grey and charcoal Cisco-Linksys boxes.

The WRK54G received its FCC certification at the beginning of February, while the WRT54AG’s certification was granted yesterday (Friday March 5). Neither appears yet in Froogle, Pricegrabber or BizRate.

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