OS Roulette: A Bug Appears to Deactivate Windows 10 Pro

Creddit: cwsink on RedditCreddit: cwsink on Reddit

Microsoft's had a rough month. The company attempted to release the Windows 10 October 2018 Update during its namesake month only to pull it after numerous file system bugs were discovered; it still has yet to be re-released to the public. Now several Redditors have reported that their Windows 10 Pro licenses have been mysteriously deactivated, with their systems prompting them to install Windows 10 Home instead. Windowsunited.de was among the first to report on the issue.

It's not clear what's causing this issue. Numerous people said their Windows 10 Pro license was carried over from Windows 8, so it could be related to that migration, though it's strange to encounter problems like this so long after Windows 10 debuted. Several members of the Windows Insider Program who tested Windows 10 Pro before its release have also had this problem, which could mean the migration path isn't at fault.

At least one redditor suggests customer service told them that Microsoft is aware of the issue.

Things got even weirder after the original poster said they restarted their system only to find that their license now claimed to be for Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops. At this point it almost seems like Windows 10 is flicking a spinner whenever the system is restarted, noting the result, and then saying the license is for whatever version of Windows 10 it landed on. That's not what people want from their operating system.

We haven't experienced this problem ourselves, and like always, the warnings about online complaints apply here. The vast majority of Windows 10 Pro license owners probably haven't been affected by this problem.

We have reached out to Microsoft about the complaints, though, and will update this post if the company responds. In the meantime, it seems like Windows 10 is having one of the roughest months since its launch in 2015.

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  • derekullo
    And today's OS is

    "Spins the Wheel"

    Windows Millennium

    "System Crashes"
  • ex_bubblehead
    One also has to wonder just how many of these deactivations are due pirated content. It's entirely possible that MS is finally catching up to sketchy keys.
  • Math Geek
    very true. i know from past experience that it can take a year or more for MS to catch up to leaked in house keys, volume license overuse and many other types of bad keys out there.

    most hactivation type stuff gets patched pretty quick but those leaked keys can linger for a long time.

    could be a legit issue or could be a hacktivation method finally got patched or some early bad keys finally got shut down. never really know cause not like folks gonna tell complete truth on the truth magnet that is the internet.