New ATI Catalyst driver has HDTV wizard and 64-bit extensions

ATI today posted the fourth "certified" driver package in this year. Catalyst 5.4 comes with updates for Windows 2000 and XP. Major new features include a HDTV wizard that allows the configuration of a PC display for HDTV. This driver is also the first Catalyst driver certified for Windows XP x64 and will bring some "pretty good performance gains" compared to the 64-bit beta drivers, according to ATI. The company said that also the Linux version of Catalyst integrates and number of fixes.

The Windows fix-list includes issues in 3DMark2001, Pacific Fighters, Sail Simulator 4, SolidWorks 2004, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Corrected Linux issues affect Unreal Tournament 2004 as well as Viewperf 7.1.1 and Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 version 2.

The new Catalyst package can be downloaded from ATI’s website. (THG)

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