Netgear prepares second-generation Skype Wi-Fi phone

Chicago (IL) - Netgear has received approval for what appears to be the company’s second-generation Skype Wi-Fi phone.

There is very little information available beyond the fact that the new phone will be called the SPH200W and likely will succeed the first generation SPH101. However, the new model is more compact, has a slightly revised keypad layout and comes with a different charging unit that is now integrated in a cradle.


The facelift doesn’t come as a surprise as the rather slow-selling SPH101 probably didn’t provide enough reason for a complete redesign. It is pure speculation, but we suspect that one of the main reasons behind the redesign was to fine-tune the design and reduce the bill of materials, which would allow Netgear to bring down the lofty price of the SPH101 : The first-generation model still sells for around $160.

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