NETGEAR ProSafe Dual Band Wireless VPN Firewall reviewed

Performance - 11g Interoperability

Since this is my first test of an 802.11g Atheros-based product, I checked to see if the FWAG played nicely with other 11g chipsets. The results are in Figures 17 - 19:

Figure 17: Condition 1 11g throughput - Belkin F5D7010 (Broadcom)
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

Figure 18: Condition 1 11g throughput - NETGEAR WG511 (Intersil PRISM GT)
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

Figure 19: Condition 1 11g throughput - USR5410 (TI TNETW1130)
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

The results for the Intersil and TI chipsets are lookin' good, but the Broadcom-based Belkin card didn't fare well at all. I ran the same test with a Linksys WPC54G and got similar poor results. Both Atheros and Broadcom said they'd uncovered a similar problem during early interoperability testing and both said it had been fixed. But NETGEAR was unable to confirm the problem, although they sent Beta firmware for me to try that had no effect.

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