NEON Light ATX Case With Temperature Gauge

With all the talk about overheating components and the general cooling needs of today's high-end computing parts, I'm surprised we haven't seen more cases like this one - with a temperature readout right on the front. Korean company 3R SYSTEM's new NEON Light Case puts a temperature gauge right where you can see it with a built-in sensor that lets you check the temperature of your CPU, graphics card, or the inside of the case. The gauge itself has built-in LEDs so that you can still check the temperature, even if you prefer playing games in a dark room. Another interesting feature is a built-in "turbo" button that lets you control the speed of the cooling fan when the temperature gauge informs you that your components are heating up. If everything's cool, you can use the lower speed to reduce the fan noise. Other features include USB and IEEE 1394 ports built into the front of the chassis, four 5.25" bays, five 3.5" bays, and two cooling fans. The NEON Light case is available in black and silver. I'm not sure where you can purchase this case or how much it will cost, but you can check out 3R's website for more details and query the sales department about where you can find one.