NEC's PDA Misses the Party

It's kind of weird to see a product release without a product or even details about a future product, but it looks like NEC was feeling left out at the Pocket PC 2002 launch in San Francisco the other day and decided to draft up a press release to let everyone know that they too will be introducing a new "enterprise-class" PDA in North America by end of this year. NEC says the mysterious device will be "designed specifically for the corporate market, and will be ideally suited for mobile business professionals." About the only details that NEC released are that the PDA will be based on "a powerful central processor from Intel" and will feature Microsoft's (Nasdaq:MSFT) new Pocket PC 2002 software. NEC also says the gadget "promises to be one of the most advanced Pocket PC solutions for mobile business professionals [and] will provide key corporate functionality built into the system software, as well as expansion capabilities and a host of third-party productivity applications and connectivity options." Sounds like a PDA to me. Pricing info for the NEC PDA hasn't been disclosed either, but they do say it will be available in late Q4 2001. How's that for spin? A product announcement that doesn't tell you anything about the product.

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