NEC PA322UHD 32-inch Ultra HD Monitor Review

Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response And Lag

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At sizes over 27 inches, TN-based screens just won’t cut it. IGZO is a variant of IPS technology, and all of the examples we’ve photographed resemble the images above. From the sides you'll see a light falloff and shift towards green. However, detail is retained even in the darkest steps. Brightness is reduced from above, but there's no significant color shift and detail remains solid.

Screen Uniformity: Luminance

NEC includes uniformity compensation on all of its professional monitors, including the PA322UHD. Earlier models were more aggressive at the bottom end of the brightness scale, but newer screens do almost nothing (as our test results show). Despite the slight improvement, you ultimately won’t see a one-half-percent difference. UC does raise the black level and reduce contrast, however, so you have to decide if it’s worth using in your particular application.

Here’s the white field measurement:

Compensation is far greater at the 100-percent level. The monitor goes from last place to first in our comparison group, and measures better than almost every display we’ve reviewed to date. Still, after some time using the PA322UHD, we preferred the greater contrast with UC turned off.

Screen Uniformity: Color

UC also has a small impact on color uniformity, though you won’t see an issue either way given our results. With a factory calibration and top-notch quality control, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever buy a PA322UHD with visible problems.

Pixel Response And Input Lag

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Gamers probably won't find it necessary to spend $3000 on this screen, but at least it posts decent response results. Its motion rendering is nowhere near the quality of a fast-refresh gaming monitor. Among its business-class competition, the PA322UHD has a slight edge.

Here are the lag results:

In this group, it's the BenQ BL3201PT that shines. Gaming at 3840x2160 is still an expensive proposition fraught with compromise. Enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in monitor performance still have to settle for speedy TN-based panels or one of the rare IPS displays that can run above 60Hz.