NEC EA245WMi 24-inch 16:10 IPS Monitor Review

Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response & Lag

Viewing Angles

You might think you’re looking at an AHVA panel here but it is simply AH-IPS. Obviously all IPS panels are not created equal in the viewing angle department. Our EA245WMi sample has no color shift to the side and only a minimal reduction in brightness with no loss of detail. From the top, a red tint is visible along with a 50% output falloff and a loss of detail in the darkest steps. When it comes to LCD monitors, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Screen Uniformity

To learn how we measure screen uniformity, please click here.

The EA245WMi has a uniformity compensation toggle so we’re showing results in both modes. Remember that engaging it will reduce output and contrast by 35%. It has almost no effect on darker material, however, which is shown by our nearly identical results in the black field test. The white field, on the other hand, claims a new record in our database. Most monitors finish between 7-10% here, but our sample excels once the compensation is turned on. Color uniformity is almost exactly the same either way. Based on these tests, we’d recommend using the feature only if working on bright material where it’s critical that there's no brightness variation. For business use, we’d rather leave it off and enjoy the greater contrast.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

Please click here to read up on our pixel response and input lag testing procedures.

We’d love to see NEC make a real gaming monitor. Alas, the EA245WMi is not it. While panel response is typical for a 60Hz IPS monitor at 23ms, input lag is a little too high for effective gaming when the action becomes intense. Less intense titles will look fine, and motion blur is not a problem even during fast-paced play. But control inputs are a little too far ahead of on-screen motion to be satisfying when trying to survive a virtual frag-fest.

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  • MihailNaydenov
    As happy 20WGX2 user for 10 years, I want a gaming monitor form NEC as well. Nothing too extreme - IPS, either 1440p or UW 1080, below average input lag, FreeSync (40-75 is fine), good response time, 8-bit native. And because LG covers this, my next monitor will probably be LG.