NEC EA244UHD 24-Inch Ultra HD Monitor Review

Results: Viewing Angles And Uniformity

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Even though this is an AH-IPS display, its off-axis image quality is not quite as good as other IPS screens we’ve photographed. But it is a match for Dell's UP2414Q. Obviously, the horizontal red shift is endemic to this LG panel. Inside of 45 degrees, however, there is almost no change in color or luminance. And it’s still superior to the current crop of 28-inch Ultra HD TN-based panels.

Screen Uniformity: Luminance

The uniformity compensation doesn’t do much in the black field test. A 1.15-percent reduction is completely invisible. At least contrast isn’t affected too much. Our C6 shows hotspots in the upper-right and lower-left zones.

Here’s the white field measurement:

The white field result drops by more than half, although 5.77 percent is still a great result. In terms of brightness uniformity, you really don’t need uni-comp.

Screen Uniformity: Color

The biggest improvement comes in the color uniformity test. A result of 3.28 Delta E is just-visible. We could see the barest suggestion of green in the upper-right zone. When we turned the compensation on, it went away. You’d never notice such a slight aberration in actual content.

Our conclusion after testing several monitors with uniformity compensation is that modern LCD panels are improved to the point where the feature is unnecessary. Since it always reduces output and contrast, we leave it off. Only the most sensitive user would find a need for it.

Pixel Response And Input Lag

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The screen draw result matches Dell's UP2414Q which is what we'd expect. The EA244UHD also beats the two QHD IPS screens by a small margin. For those seeking the shortest scan times, TN is still the tech to beat.

Here are the lag results:

Input lag this high makes fast-paced gaming difficult. While you can run the monitor at 60Hz, there’s still too much delay to enjoy a first-person shooter. If fast reflexes are not required, the EA244UHD’s pixel density makes for stunning images in more mainstream titles.