NEC Color Mobile TFT-LCD Panel

NEC just announced a new 3.5" (8.9cm), reflective amorphous silicon TFT LCD panel. The new display, which includes drivers, a front light and touch panels, is targeted toward PDAs and the like. The NL2432DR22-02B provides up to 260,000 colors at a resolution of 240 x 320 (not bad for a little guy). NEC says the LCD's reflector structure results in a maximum reflection rate of more than 40% and a maximum contrast ratio of 40:1. The front light and touch panel are attached to the LCD panel, it's 4.5 mm thick, and weighs in at 45 grams. Power consumption is held to 25 milliwatts (mW), including drivers and peripheral circuits such as gamma control and common electrode signal voltage. TFT-LCDs haven't been very popular for mobile terminals because of their power consumption and the space requirements of backlights, so NEC hopes this gadget will solve those problems. The NL2432DR22-02B TFT color LCD is being shown off right now at the SID symposium. The little screens will be sampling in September and shipping shortly thereafter.

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