Ncore V1 Is A Skeletal Water Block For Delidded Processors

A UK-based hobbyist started a Kickstarter campaign to bring his Ncore V1 water block to production. The V1 is designed to directly cool delidded processors and even has a delidding tool built into its bracket.

Every time a new processors comes out, people are quick to answer the question of “will it delid?” Non-soldered processors use thermal paste to bridge the gap between the CPU die and the underside of the IHS. Delidding is the act of removing the IHS to enable either direct cooling of the CPU die or replacing of the default thermal paste. The Ncore V1 water block is for either of those purposes.

The most striking thing about the V1 is its appearance. The block is smaller than the LGA 1151 retention bracket. In fact, the V1 fits within the retention bracket. Pressure is placed on the block from hinges built into the skeletal-looking frame. The mechanism is necessary because the CPU die is smaller than the IHS and may not sit directly beneath the centerpoint of the water block. The frame itself consists of a few parts that allow it to be transformed into a delidding tool. In this form, the bracket works on the same principle as other delidding tools. A lever applies shearing force to the IHS that breaks the adhesive.

The block’s other interesting features include an adjustable flow rate and the ability to be adapted for non-delidded processors. The explanation regarding the mechanism for adjusting the flow rate isn’t very clear, but it appears to work through a set screw. The block designer’s own testing shows the V1 outperforming a competing water block on non-delidded and delidded processors.

We don’t condone delidding unless you want to nuke your warranty, but even if you’re not feeling brave enough to take the plunge, the Ncore V1 is still a cool-looking and innovative water block for non-delidded processors. Currently, it supports only LGA 1151. You can back the project on Kickstarter starting from the equivalent of $7, but the cheapest option to acquire to water block is $97.

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  • manleysteele
    Even though I am fairly confident that I will "never" delid a processor, I find this concept very appealing. Besides, forever is a looong time. Tom's should perform a review, just to see how the execution of the concept stacks up to reality. Who knows? I might change my mind.
  • jcaulley_74
    Delidding is definitely not for the feint of heart. My first and only delid was my i7-4770k and it involved a hammer, a block of wood and a vice. It's an uneasy feeling standing there with a hammer and a $350 processor. Mine worked out well and the processor was fully functional afterwards. It has been running in my main gaming system since 2014. The delidding was definitely worth it. My temps never go above 45C even under full load and it will hold a stable overclock of 5.0GHz. I run it normally at 4.8GHz with only the slightest bump in voltage. All cooled on a custom loop with an EK block directly on the die.
  • manleysteele
    The reason I haven't moved to the X series processors and motherboards, despite their obvious superiority, is cooling them. So far, I have avoided long lever, heavy coolers because of their mechanical frailty. (relatively speaking) I have avoided water cooling for similar reasons. I may have to pick one to run Ice Lake X, though. sigh. What could go wrong? lol. If I'm going to take those risks, I might as well go the whole enchilada.