NAB Part 3: Serious Magic For Film Special Effects


Would you like to see how good the keying quality is in Ultra2? We've included a downloadable video clip, so you can see for yourself. I know it's difficult, but pay special attention to the hair and chiffon. Incidentally, a chiffon is a fabric of sheer silk or rayon (Yes, we had to look up what it meant, too).

Serious Magic's chief programmers keyed and rendered the video in front of me. The settings were not pre-baked and each step was explained. The keying only took a minute, while the rendering took perhaps two minutes. Graphics processor assisted rendering was turned on.

The video was rendered as uncompressed .AVI, which we have converted into WMV to save space. The uncompressed .AVI file was 1.7 GB.

Download Video

Ten Seconds 10 MB WMV 7Mbps CBR 1920X1080X24 bits color


We would like to thank the Serious Magic staff for remaining on hand well past the NAB floor closing time on Tuesday. They provided us with the video and all the screenshots you see in the article.

Anyone interested in chromakeying, should take a serious look at Serious Magic's Ultra2. The original Ultra won our "Must Have" award. The new version is even better, with it's Plus-90 mode, HD support, graphics processor assisted rendering and simulated shadows. The product looks very stable, since all the keying and rendering were done live in front of us. Serious Magic will be releasing Ultra2 in June for $495.

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