MSI Unleashes Hell

Looks like MSI is showing all its cards (and systems) in one fell swoop. The number of press releases for new products the company has released in the past two days could fill an entire news section on its own. Today, the company announced the 850 Pro2 Pentium 4 motherboard with Intel's 850 chipset, the Pro266T Master-R and Pro266D Master-IR motherboards based on VIA's Pro266 chipset, the 694D Pro2-IR dual processor P3 mainboard, the 694T Pro mobo for P3 and Celeron, the K7T266 Pro-RU mobo for Athlons and Durons, the MS-6367 mainboard with support for the nVIDIA nForce Platform Processing architecture, the StarForce 831 graphics card based on nVIDIA's GeForce2 PRO, a PDA called the MS- 2010, a Set Top Box called the MS-3011, a barebone PC system called the MS-6224 based on VIA's KT133A chipset, and the MS-6218 slim PC system. Yesterday, MSI announced the 815EPT Pro-R and Pro266 Plus-I P3 mobos, the StarForce 829 graphics card based on the nVIDIA GeForce2 MX-200, and the StarForce 826 graphics card based on the nVIDIA GeForce2 MX-400. We presume that all of the engineers are now either on sabbatical or off at the funny farm. For more details on MSI's slew of new hardware, check out the company's website .

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