MSI GS60 Ghost & GS70 Stealth Now With GeForce GTX 800M

MSI's GS60 Ghost and GS70 Stealth gaming notebooks are now available in 17-inch and 15-inch models with Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M and 870M Graphics. Also in the spec sheet are 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and Killer Gaming Networking, SteelSeries gaming backlit keyboard, powerful customization options with SteelSeries Engine, Sound Blaster Cinema, Dynaudio Technology and XSplit Gamecaster.


Looking for a bit more graphical power? Check out which GeForce GTX 880M laptop is right for you.

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  • RewCore
    Overpriced hardware, YAY!
  • jasonelmore
    Are these Maxwell 860M or Keplar 860M? God i hate what Nvidia did with the 860M naming scheme.
  • Solandri
    182819 said:
    Are these Maxwell 860M or Keplar 860M? God i hate what Nvidia did with the 860M naming scheme.

    It's Kepler. MSI's overseas announcements indicate a higher-end model (probably with the 2880x1620 display it was shown with at CeBIT) with an 870M which is Kepler-only. Speculation is they went with the Kepler 860M so they could use the same motherboard with both models.

    1578646 said:
    Overpriced hardware, YAY!

    This is pretty cutting-edge hardware. It's a quad core Haswell, which just by itself means about a $1000 laptop. On top of that it's got a gaming-worthy GPU. It's AFAIK the lightest quad core 15" laptop out there despite having a metal chassis (less than 2 kg) Unlike ultrabooks its memory and drives are all upgradeable. It actually has what looks like two M.2 SSD slots, not mSATA. So conceivably you could set it up with a ~2 GB/sec RAID-0. And you can also put in a 2.5" drive. The panel is PLA (IPS-equivalent) with the lone Russian review so far saying it covers 95%-100% of sRGB. And the keyboard has gotten rave reviews.

    If you're in the market for a $400 laptop, obviously it isn't being marketed it to you. But if you're like me and are willing to pay for a truly portable workstation which will let me edit my photos as well as play 3D games, it's very tempting. Cheaper and lighter than both the Macbook Pro and Dell XPS 15 with the same or better features with much better upgradability.