The Graphics Card That Cleans Itself

Dust inside your graphics card can be a real killer. Not only can built up dust reduce heatsink and fan performance, but continued accumulation over time can lead to a total failure of a part.

MSI claims it can solve this issue. The company's latest graphics cards are starting to sport what it calls "Dust Removal Tech." Clear and simple! Essentially what happens is that when you start up your computer, the graphics card will operate its fans in reverse mode, pulling air away from the heatsink instead of blowing air onto it. This reverse fan movement is suppose to draw out clogged up dust.

Unfortunately, the air and dust gets blown back into your PC. At this point, one will be hoping that any aux fans or the PSU will be able to remove the dust from the system. After 30-seconds, the graphics card will switch to normal mode.

We can see this possibly working if you turn off your computer after each use, but most tend to leave their computers on for long periods of time. Some users never turn off their computers at all.

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  • plasmastorm
    So their new 'tech' is a bios setting you can mod on any card yourself or change in a driver.......
  • damian86
    I would think that they are designing a new cooling system since they want to make the fan run in reverse, so I think their fans will be re designed to make things easier,however if they change the design they will need to watch the airflow.
  • doive1231
    My girlfriend is more than capable of cleaning my graphics card thanks.