MSI Reveals New Gaming-Series Motherboards for Next Gen

MSI has officially revealed a whole bunch of new motherboards, all of which are based on the next generation of hardware. It won't tell us exactly on what platform the hardware is based, but from the looks of it, it's quite a safe assumption that these boards will go hand-in-hand with the Haswell Refresh parts.

MSI tells us that all the motherboards included in this reveal will feature E2200 networking adapters as well as support for M.2 SSDs. The pictures show us that the Gaming 9 variant, as well as the Mini-ITX "Gaming" branded motherboard, also feature Wireless AC connectivity. All the boards will also have vastly improved onboard audio with an implementation from Creative.

MSI also revealed that it has built different I/O shields for this lineup of motherboards, as unlike older shields, the metallic edge around it will also be treated, making it blend in much better with the rear of your enclosure.

Further details have not been revealed yet. Pricing and availability information is also still scarce. During the wait though, enjoy the images below. MSI did emphasize that these boards are not production units yet, so the final products can still differ.

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  • joraph
    Very interesting
  • patrick47018
    Like the looks, can't wait to see more detailed features and pricing
  • Xivilain
    They look awesome! I'm sure they'll hold up too. Well done MSI.