MS preps all-new warez busting antitrust complying XP SP1

Microsoft's 'Seattlement' Service Pack for Windows XP is to go into testing within the next few weeks, and will ship later this year. The company doesn't usually make a big marketing deal of Service Packs, but for legal compliance reasons WinXP SP1 is special, so it's been taking some journalists through what's in it, how it will work and how it will comply.

In order to meet the terms of the MS-DoJ antitrust settlement, Microsoft has to make it possible for PC manufacturers and users to be able to hide various pieces of middleware that are incorporated in XP. The dissenting states, as you're no doubt aware, have been pushing for more radical "rip 'em out" measures, but if the judge doesn't grant these and approves the MS-DoJ deal instead, XP SP1 is what you're going to get.

Full story at The Register USA

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