Motherboard OEMs Release New AM4 BIOSes Ahead Of Raven Ridge Launch

Last year, AMD launched the AM4-socket X370, B350, A320, and A300 platforms for Ryzen CPUs. These chipsets have onboard video outputs, but AMD hasn’t released any CPU that can utilize them yet. That’s changing very soon with the release of AMD’s Ryzen-based APUs, known as Raven Ridge. Launching February 12, the Ryzen 2400G and 2200G combine a four-core, eight-thread CPU with integrated graphics based on AMD’s Vega architecture.

In preparation for the impending launch, major motherboard manufacturers have released new BIOSes for their existing AM4 motherboards to support the new chips.

Asus Motherboards

Asus made an official announcement for its new BIOSes. Owners can check Asus' website for links to their motherboard’s new BIOS, and for instructions on how to update it.

ASRock Motherboards

ASRock didn’t make any announcement on its North American website, but they did on their Japanese one. The announcement is a bit out of date, though, because we’ve already found that all of their motherboards have new BIOSes.

Gigabyte Motherboards

Gigabyte did not make an official announcement, but we found new BIOSes for all of its AM4 motherboards.

MSI Motherboards

MSI announced the new BIOSes for its AM4 motherboards on its website. We’ve compiled a list of all its AM4 motherboards and their new BIOSes.

Biostar Motherboards

Biostar did not make any announcement of new BIOSes. We also did not find that any of its AM4 motherboards have had new BIOSes released for them.

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