These Are ASRock's Favorite Motherboard Ideas

Last month, ASRock asked you for the best motherboard ideas in the world. It was a win-win situation, you see, as ASRock gets to hear what you want in your next motherboard, and you even get a chance to win a new motherboard.

ASRock has poured over all the comments submitted in its poll for the best motherboard features and has selected its four top suggestions.

The winners, as handpicked by ASRock, with their design ideas are:

goalguy876 09/17/2010 12:46 PM

“Replace screwing the motherboards in with some kind of locking mechanism. This would require the case to be compatible too though. It would make it a lot easier to install new heatsinks/video cards/processors etc.” ----This is for the early birds. I picked the best in the first 10 comments.

billj214 09/30/2010 6:32 PM

- SATA connections and SATA power plug on rear.

- RJ45 port which will extend Audio/Video over CAT5e/6.

- IR jack for use with remote controls.

- SATA connections at top and bottom of board closer to CD/DVD and HDD locations.

- More fan connections, 2 is never enough.

- Spacing of PCIx16 when using SLI/Xfire with longer SLI/Xfire bridge. (better cooling)

- Removable MB header plug for PWR/RST/LEDs (easier to plug in)

- LCD display with MB status for drive bay.

- Rear bios reset switch.

- Windows 7 desktop gadget to display MB status.

- 6/8/9 DDR3 slots (high end option for triple or dual channel ram).

- Energy conservation options - option to turn off unused PCI cards, HDD's, USB ports etc by the user and a display showing actual power usage in watts. (Visually seeing power usages makes people more aware).

- Dual CPU sockets? Everyone wants more power than they can use!

thatguy113 09/22/2010 10:40 PM

I think a very nice feature would be a small capacitor/battery that is built onto the board (or provided, but takes a drive bay), that would act as a small back up power source for the computer during a 10-20 second power blip. Basically, anything that will save the computer from very small power blips, potentially saving unsaved work from being lost, while not requiring a $80+ UPS to be bought.

This is an extension of the idea, maybe having flash memory on the board, that can be dumped to if the power goes out, and used to boot too after power has been restored. On that note, how about a user upgradable module of flash memory that can be used to hibernate to and from very quickly. It would become useless once SDD are very mainstream, but should still be useful for many years.

Motamedn 09/17/2010 5:32 AM

1) replace all plugs (USB, SPDIF, Firewire, etc) with a single plug that connects to an external brick. This brick holds all these connections.

2) use the space this makes at the rear of the card to space out the PCI ports. As it is, you cannot use all the ports on the back of a PC due to crowding.

3) develop a usable wifi display transmitter to connect to HTPCs...and add a coax port to make it even more useful.

4) program a hotkey to allow the user to adjust bios settings WHILE BOOTED in the OS! No more forgetting to press delete repeatedly.

5) Perhaps even a emulation of booting with the changed settings?

6) This has already been done by some companies, but provide little adapters that you can hold in your hand to connect all the case wires/jumpers to and then simply plug in to the case. Simplifies removal/replacement of mobo.

7) improve the visibility of the board. better labeling and color blockades could be used to draw the installers eyes to the appropriate section. Think of how much easier things got with PS/2 and speaker/mic plugs when they started using the pastel green/pink colors.

Things others have mentioned that I think are good ideas:

1) integrated SSD for restoration of OS

2) integrated wifi & bluetooth

3) better cable management. Put all plugs from case/PSU on could even experiment with putting them on the BACK of the mobo??

4) strip legacy support to free space for the above

5) upgrade the interface/user-friendliness of BIOS.

6) improve installation process, i.e. CPU/fan installation (always the scariest part), and maybe screwless or thumb-screw attachment of mobo to cases

7) automate OCing and allow more diagnostic testing pre-OS boot

If you see yourself mentioned above, be sure to check your email for a message from ASRock. Act quickly, because if you've won but fail to reply to ASRock in three days, you will lose the chance the get the prize. (For everyone else, this is good news as ASRock will pick another lucky user to be the substitution.)

Thanks to everyone for your participation and stay tuned for more!

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  • Rab1d-BDGR
    - Rear bios reset switch.

    My ASRock motherboard already has this feature. It is a good idea...