Shipments of cellphones surge past 800 million in 2005

Strong sales pushed the total number of mobile phone past the 800 million mark. According to a report released by IDC, manufacturers saw their shipments increasing 19.3% from 707 million in 2004 to 826 million in 2005. iSuppli, also estimates sales to have topped 800 million, but published a more conservative total of 813 million units.

Both research firms agree that a strong fourth quarter was key for the industry to reach the new milestone - iSuppli puts Q4 sales at 242 million, IDC at 245 million. The two firms also agree on the how the shipments were distributed among cellphone manufacturers : Nokia continued its dominance in the market with just under 33% of global market share and about 265 million phones shipped. Motorola came in second with about 146 million phones sold ; Samsung was third with about 103 million units. Sony Ericsson also posted a year of substantial growth and slowly but surely closes the gap to rival LG : Sony Ericsson sold 51 million phones, LG 55 million.

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