MIPS Technologies Licenses 32-Bit Chip to IDT

Millions of instructions per second is a pretty tall order for a company that doesn't even manufacture chips, but MIPS Technologies has been making a go of it since 1984. The company's technologies are used in a diverse arena of devices that include set-top boxes, digital TV, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo 64, broadband networking products, and even handheld devices. RISC isn't apparently, much of a risky business. MIPS just let us know today that it has licensed its 32-bit MIPS32 4Kc processor core to communications IC provider IDT. The 4Kc core will be used by IDT to develop high-performance, system-on-a-chip designs for the communications market. IDT will use the core to go after applications like line-powered office gateways/routers, Ethernet switching and storage area network systems.

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