MIPS Introduces New Aptiv Generation of Cores

The new proAptiv cores succeed 1074K multi-core and 74K single-core processors on the high-end; the interAptiv series follows MIPS' 24k, 34K and 1004K single- and multicore chips in the mid-range. The new entry-level chip is the microAptiv, which replaces the M14K core.

According to the manufacturer, all new cores deliver the highest performance of all licensable IP cores in their segments with performance that are up to 75 percent above their directly preceding chips. On the high-end, the proAptiv is available in up to six-core configurations.

MIPS hopes that its new cores can extend the company's reach beyond home entertainment and networking and drive it into mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, baseband processors as well as applications such as embedded controllers for touch screens, SIM and GPS.

MIPS said that the proAptiv and interAptiv series will be available beginning in mid-2012. The microAptiv family is available now.

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