Mini-ITX CPU Air Cooler Round-Up

be quiet! Shadow Rock LP

The final CPU cooler in today's roundup is the Shadow Rock LP from be quiet!. The Shadow Rock LP's "Compact Cooling, Significant Quiet" tagline coupled with the company's reputation for producing top-notch products, sets the bar very high when it comes to our expectations of this product.

Standing at 75.4mm tall, the Shadow Rock LP is the largest and most feature-rich product in our round-up. The relatively large box that the cooler comes in includes the cooler itself, a 120 x 25mm fan (not pictured), mounting hardware for the cooler, several instruction booklets and a small wrench to help with installation. Compatibility wise, the Shadow Rock LP is the most compatible cooler out of the four coolers in our round-up with support for several Intel (LGA 775, 1366, 115x, 2011x) and AMD (AM2/3, FM1/2) CPU sockets. Finally, with a 130W TDP, the Shadow Rock LP should have no problem keeping its cool during today's tests.

Like ID-Cooling's IS-VC45, the Shadow Rock LP has an extremely flat, polished and plated base. However, unlike all of the other coolers in the round-up, the process of actually installing this cooler is somewhat more involved. Fortunately, the Shadow Rock LP comes with several manuals detailing every step of the installation. The installation itself is accomplished by sliding the crossbar between the cooler's base and heat sink, and then installing the proper set of mounting hardware to the crossbar. After that, the cooler is snapped in place just like a stock cooler for AMD sockets. For Intel sockets, the user will need to assemble the back plate (LGA 775, 1366, 115x) or install the provided standoffs (LGA 2011x), and then screw the cooler down onto the motherboard. The installation is finished by installing the cooler's fan using the provided tensioners and plugging the fan into the motherboard.

Unlike the other coolers in our round-up, the Shadow Rock LP's larger size means that users will need low profile RAM in order to use it with Mini-ITX motherboards.

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  • GeorgettaCZ
    Hallo. Well I put Scythe Shuriken rev.B in my HTPC. There is AMD A8-6500 APU under the cooler, sitting on an ASUS A88XM-PLUS moms'pcb. It all sits in Silvestone ML04 case. The HTPC is cool and silent ;o))) So, consider Scythe as well... the quality and performance is not so bad and it is not expensive as well!