MindMaze and Dacuda Partner To Bring 6DoF Room-Scale Tracking To Mobile VR Market

MindMaze and Dacuda teamed up to bring room-scale VR to mobile devices. The two companies announced MMI, a “multi-sensory computing platform for mobile-based, immersive and social VR applications” that offers 6-degrees of freedom tracking without any cumbersome wires or external sensors.

The MMI platform combines Dacuda’s SLAM Scan 6DoF room-scale tracking technology, which leverages your smartphone’s camera to provide tether-free inside-out tracking, and MindMaze’s “most advanced neurotechnology and real-time computer vision algorithms.”

“We will empower adoption of VR into the hands of the everyday user with capabilities matching premium tethered headsets at a fraction of the cost,” said Dr. Alexander Ilic, founder, and CTO of Dacuda, “Room-Scale VR becomes instantly usable anywhere and affordable for everyone.”

Dacuda’s technology applies to the consumer market, but MindMaze is more interested in the MMI platform's healthcare potential, though the company didn’t go into details about what those benefits would be.

“To redefine high-quality consumer VR and AR experiences beyond media and gaming into healthcare and wellness has been a long standing interest for MindMaze and with the MMI platform we intend to usher a new era of neural VR technologies accessible to millions of consumers,” said Dr. Tej Tadi, founder, and CEO of MindMaze.

MindMaze and Dacuda plan to launch the MMI platform in Q4 2016, but we’ll have to wait until later this year to learn more.

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