MIMO Face-Off

The Technologies - Airgo

Airgo doesn't have product information on their website for anything other than their recently-announced 240Mbps chipset. But Figures 9 and 10 show the mini-PCI radio used in the Belkin G Plus and Pre-N routers respectively.

Figure 9: Belkin G Plus router mini-PCI radio
(Click image to enlarge)

Once again, the FCC pictures aren't the clearest, but it's clear that two different baseband / MAC chips are used (the large chip to the left). You can also see in Figure 9 that the board is actually laid out to accept a third RF chip, which isn't loaded.

Figure 10: Belkin Pre-N router mini-PCI radio
(Click image to enlarge)

Figure 11 shows the CardBus client card, which is the same for both the Belkin Pre-N and G Plus products. Of note are the three antennas on the right, which appear to incorporate some sort of raised circular element.

Figure 11: Belkin Pre-N and G Plus card
(Click image to enlarge)
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