Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Workmanship And Assembly

Installing the hardware is not complicated. Even long PCI and AGP cards fit in the midi tower. There's still oodles of room between the PSU and the upper 5.25" drives after the computer hardware has been added. Excess cables can easily be stowed away here. The hard drives and CD/DVD drives are mounted on plastic runners. They not only help insulate the drives acoustically, but also prove very easy to handle.

There's still lots of room left over even after the PSU has been installed.

Long PCI cards are no problem for the Blizzard.

Plastic runners ensure the drives are insulated acoustically.
Pros And Cons


Adjustable light effects Acoustic insulation of drives Lots of room inside Space for long PCI/AGP cards


Very heavy Not much room for hard drives Poor availability, in Europe only (U.S. orders shipped from Britain)

The package contains mostly screws, spacers and drive runners. Don't waste your time looking for a handbook or a system fan though. However, the lack of a handbook is not such a great loss as the connection cables for the front ports are well labeled. A sticker inside the case describes how to mount the lateral fans.

After making inquiries to the manufacturer, we were told that the handbook will be included in the package.

The guide rails are in the HDD cage
  1. Introduction
  2. Front Sections And Connectors
  3. Side And Interior Views
  4. The Ventilation System
  5. Workmanship And Assembly
  6. Aplus Trouper CK-1026-9: A Pale Retro Look
  7. Side And Interior Views
  8. The Ventilation System
  9. Workmanship And Assembly
  10. Aspire X-Navigator: The Hard Drive Lover
  11. Side And Interior Views
  12. The Ventilation System
  13. Workmanship And Assembly
  14. CoolerMaster Centurion: Conservative Allrounder
  15. Side And Interior Views
  16. Fixtures For The Drives
  17. Workmanship And Assembly
  18. Pros And Cons
  19. NZXT Nemesis Elite Black: Broad-fronted Lightweight
  20. Side And Interior Views
  21. Fixtures For The Drives
  22. Workmanship And Assembly
  23. Pros And Cons
  24. Lian Li PC60 Plus: A Study In Ventilation
  25. Side And Interior Views
  26. The Ventilation System
  27. Workmanship And Assembly
  28. Pros And Cons
  29. Enermax Blue Viper CS-718: Cooling Experts
  30. Side And Interior Views
  31. The Ventilation System
  32. Workmanship And Installation
  33. Sharkoon Silveration Basic: Cheap Steel Case
  34. Side And Interior Views
  35. Drive Racks
  36. Workmanship And Installation
  37. Silverstone SST-Tj06: An Elegant Beauty
  38. Side And Interior Views
  39. Drive Racks
  40. Workmanship And Installation
  41. Sunbeam Transformer: Disco Dude
  42. Side And Interior Views
  43. Drive Racks
  44. Workmanship And Installation
  45. Thermaltake Shark: Lightweight With Sturdy Shutter
  46. Side And Interior Views
  47. Drive Racks
  48. Workmanship And Installation
  49. Thermalrock Circle: The Hi-Fi Experts
  50. Side And Interior Views
  51. Drive Racks
  52. Workmanship And Installation
  53. XGTex 3R-102 Silver: Pretty Little Aluminum Creature
  54. Side And Interior Views
  55. Drive Racks
  56. Workmanship And Installation
  57. Benchmarks
  58. Benchmarks, Continued
  59. Conclusion
  60. Editors' Recommendations
  61. Testing Methodology
  62. Features Table
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