Quick Takes: 13 Mid-Tower Cases Rounded-Up

AeroCool T-Gun Pro Specifications

AeroCool T-Gun Pro
Model Mid-Tower
Form Factor ATX
Material Steel / Plastic
Measures 210 x 460 x 430 mm
Weight 8 kg
I/O Panel 2x USB
2x Sound
1 x eSATA
Drive Slots Accessible from the outside
5.25 inches
3.5 inches
4 x
1 x
Drive SlotsAccessible from the inside
3.5 inches 6 x
Suitable Motherboard Types ATX, µATX
Expansion Slots 7
Ventilation 1 x 400mm
optional 1 x 120 mm
optional 1 x 80 - 120 mm
Accessories Screws, Spacers
Sensors, Front panel with display
Price in USD $140

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  • Nick_C
    I've been using Antec cases (and PSUs) for years now - very pleased with the overall standard of finish and the solid construction. The cheaper models are not *the* most aesthetically pleasing but still satisfy the finish and construction requirements.
  • Anonymous
    This article won't load past the first page on my browser, did somebody forget to upload the rest of the content?
  • Anonymous
    No Cooler Master?
  • bobwya
    UK version is broken (yet again)... (page 2 won't load on the UK site but does on the US one)

  • Anonymous
    UK site still broken (13/11/08). What a shambles Tom's has become!