Quick Takes: 13 Mid-Tower Cases Rounded-Up

AeroCool T-Gun Pro

The T-Gun Pro from AeroCool arrived late for our large case roundup, but we got it in under the wire. The housing comes with the largest side fan that we at Tom’s Hardware have ever seen: it proudly measures 400 mm, which is definitely the maximum possible for a mid-tower case. As an additional feature, the AeroCool T-Gun Pro has a front display that shows various data, gathered from four sensors that can be positioned anywhere within the housing. The interior is fairly ordinary—a steel frame with no noteworthy highlights. All drives are acoustically decoupled, and the hard drive cage can be retracted for installation.

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  • Nick_C
    I've been using Antec cases (and PSUs) for years now - very pleased with the overall standard of finish and the solid construction. The cheaper models are not *the* most aesthetically pleasing but still satisfy the finish and construction requirements.
  • Anonymous
    This article won't load past the first page on my browser, did somebody forget to upload the rest of the content?
  • Anonymous
    No Cooler Master?
  • bobwya
    UK version is broken (yet again)... (page 2 won't load on the UK site but does on the US one)

  • Anonymous
    UK site still broken (13/11/08). What a shambles Tom's has become!