The Bigger, Quieter Xbox360; Not from Microsoft

Is your Xbox 360 noisy? Perhaps you don't own an Xbox 360 because you've heard that they're noisy (maybe). This week a company called Quiet PC launched a line of Xbox 360 consoles that aren't Xbox 360 consoles at all.

What Quiet PC has done is taken out all the innards of an Xbox 360, and implanted them into a custom made Lian-Li XB-01B case, made specifically to hold the Xbox 360 motherboard as well as everything else. Everything moves over. All the ports and connectors on a real Xbox 360 enclosure is on the Lian-Li XB-01B.

The biggest benefit of the Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360s are the fact that they come with two huge fans: a 120mm and a 100mm low RPM fan. To enclose everything however, the new case is quite large--in fact, the Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 is double the size of a normal Xbox 360. Quiet PC states that the size allows components to be spread out and free up space for low-RPM but high-CFM active cooling.

Quiet PC is currently is currently shipping pre-built Xbox 360s as well as bare enclosures for those who want to do the transplant themselves. Quiet PC sells both the Arcade, Premium and Elite versions of the Xbox 360 in the new modification, and units come with a 360-day warranty--since gutting the original Xbox 360 voids Microsoft's warranty. Curiously, the new warranty is five days short of a full year.

Pricing starts at $435 USD for the basic Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 Arcade.

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  • BallistaMan
    I've actually been considering doing this kind of stuff with 360s as a small source of income when I head off to college next year. Anybody think there's a big enough market to justify it?
  • Chipi
    "Curiously, the new warranty is five days short of a full year."
    HELLOOO!! Xbox 360, 360 day warranty.
  • trevorvdw
    Look at the size of that thing...

    That's no moon... its a 360!